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VW Earrings

So I eventually broke down and got some Vivienne Westwood earrings!!! Got them from Boheme Clothing and they are on their way over to the US :D
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Back from Fort Devens

Well, as far as I know, I don't have a tick on me ^^;  but still crossing my fingers. Still had yet to unpack my rucksack (so lazy). But I'm beat and I can hear the cheering for the Boston Marathon since I'm by Beacon St. v.v  Overall, my face still feels like dirt is clinging to me and my fingernail is either black w/dirt or w/the carbon from the M-16 A2s, either way, it's not coming out easy. But I finally got to shower when I got back yesterday, so it's still recovery time for me. Being OPFOR was fun, but 'hostile civilian' mode required a lot more work. Oh well. Made some CDTs lives more miserable though ;)  and that's what an OPFOR is all about ('training value', what training value :] )


Spring FTX

Yep, it comes once again. Spring FTX. And since it's getting warmer, that means the bugs and wildlife are out and about. aka, it means I have to deal with ticks this weekend. 'boo' is too light a word. think inventive cursing. Plus, I'm sleeping outside on Saturday night. inventive cursing x2.
Only brightside is that I'll be OPFOR, for non-military personnel, it means I'm playing the psuedo-enemy and being a pain in the ass for MSI, II, and especially the evaluated IIIs. Well, better pack 'em poggy baits as I sit out there in the woods. Better not come across a snake this time.


Brain Pudding

I am mentally exhausted after my final exam. In the end, everyone is freaking out and we're all expecting a huge scaling or bust.

Now I must adventure to elsewhere so I can TAC a CDT on her MSIII OPORD. Dude, I rather stay locked in my dark room hovering over the lj. Ugh, consciousness. Time to suck it up and move. And then I'll take that rest my brain desperately wants.